John Maxson

John Maxson
Senior Associate

John brings a straightforward, pragmatic approach to his inventive and elegant design work. From conceptualization through implementation, his process is at once lyrical and practical. He provides creative solutions to unusual design challenges, illustrated by his incorporation of salvaged materials in the planning and construction of resilient coastal landscapes. His solution-driven sensibility stems in part from his two years as a crew-leader with a nonprofit conservation outfit based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Directing teams of eight to twelve members, John focused on invasive species removal and fuel management to facilitate trail construction and maintenance in National Forests and National Parks throughout the Southwest.

Prior to joining MVVA in 2018, John received a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, and a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from Connecticut College.

John Maxson
Project List
  • Piers Park 3
  • Mill Creek Park
  • Cambridge Crossing
  • Dartmouth College