Lexi Van Valkenburgh
Lexi is a member of the creative team, a staff writer, editor, photographer and the Director of External Relations for MVVA. She utilizes her writing background to infuse MVVA publications with the vibrancy and fresh perspective of a creative writing professional. Her photography has been featured in design and architectural publications and award winning design competition submissions. Lexi is Michael Van Valkenburgh's daughter and brings the unique perspective of her lifelong exposure to and fascination with design to the MVVA process.

Lexi earned a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, with concentrations in creative writing and theater. She is currently studying photography at the International Center for Photography. She attended a postgraduate Theatre and Play Writing program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and is a graduate of the Writer's Bootcamp Screen Writing Fellowship program.

Lexi joined MVVA in 2010.

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