Gregory Leichty
Greg’s interest in landscape architecture began at a young age during his time spent farming with his family and neighbors in Southeast Iowa. He brings a broad knowledge-base and almost a decade of experience designing and implementing landscapes to the projects that he works on. He has developed an affinity for problem-solving, which he uses to bring unique solutions to landscape and urban design projects. Greg has played an integral role in the design and construction administration for the Port Lands Flood Projection project in Toronto, Ontario.

Greg received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University, with a second major in Environmental Studies. Before joining MVVA, Greg worked on numerous projects of various scales and complexities at DHM Design. Greg sits on the board for the Colorado Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism where he advocates for more thoughtful approaches to land-use in Colorado. In his spare time, Greg enjoys backpacking through the Rocky Mountains, riding his bike around Denver, cooking delicious food, and creating art in the forms of music and woodworking.

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