Elspeth Holland
Senior Designer
Elspeth is from Toronto, Ontario where the city and surrounding area are characterized by multicultural neighborhoods, the lakefront, and an expansive system of ravines and escarpment. She completed her Bachelor of Environmental Studies with a minor in Fine Art at the University of Waterloo. Her interest in landscape architecture began while leading a volunteer initiative to pave a desire line at the campus. Her undergraduate experience included an internship at Waterfront Toronto, an organization leading the city’s waterfront revitalization, where she deepened her interest in landscape architecture. Through working and traveling, she recognized the profound influence that public space has on quality of life. After graduation, she worked at the World Green Building Council. She researched health and wellbeing in buildings, and also organized and attended conferences with a global network, with a mission of sustainably transforming the building and construction sector.

Elspeth received a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Toronto. As a student, she worked as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant, supporting projects at the Platform for Resilient Urbanism at the Centre for Landscape Research. She was awarded a University of Toronto Fellowship for the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, as well as the Professor Jeffrey A. Stinson Endowment and Student Leadership Award at graduation. She also sat on Governing Council for the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects as a Student Councillor from 2018-2020. In her spare time, she enjoys making ceramics.

Elspeth interned at MVVA in 2019 before joining full-time in 2020.

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