Parawee Wachirabuntoon
Senior Designer
Parawee grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, a city that is congested with many layers of infrastructures. He witnessed and appreciated how people could adapt to the chaotic city and developed a belief in the potential of the architecture to improve the quality of urban life. He trained as an architect but became more and more interested in the social interaction that happens in the open spaces (the void) on the city. He shifted his interest toward landscape architecture and began working as a landscape designer with a focus on residential and small-scale projects. Parawee believes that landscape can be as small as a potted plant, and that small patches of landscape can create a network that can improve the city on a larger scale.

Parawee holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and a Master of Landscape Architecture with distinction from Harvard Graduate School of Design. At Harvard, he continued to explore the idea of patches or nodes of landscape that could combine to form a local or even global network. Beside landscape architecture, he likes to explore new places in the city. He is also interested in photography as a medium in which to experiment with proportion, form, and color.

Before joining MVVA, Parawee was a landscape designer at LAB (Landscape Architects of Bangkok). While at Harvard, he was a teaching assistant for landscape architecture core studios and a course on Mapping and Representation course, and was also a research assistant.

Parawee interned at MVVA in 2017 and 2018, and joined full-time in 2019.

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