Estello Raganit
Senior Designer
Estello was born in the Philippines, grew up in Las Vegas, and went to college at Vassar College in the Hudson Valley. It was at Vassar that he began to notice and appreciate the contrasts between these three landscapes — tropics, desert, and woodland — and the different sentimental values he had assigned to each one. This insight has informed his interest in how memories are inextricably associated with place, and the ways in which landscape architecture can foster such responses.

Estello later studied at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, where he received a travel grant to use cognitive cartography to research queer cruising in public parks in Beijing, analyzing how this marginalized group draws and represents space. He also participated in an option studio trip to rural Oaxaca, Mexico to study the implications of a global increase in the demand for mezcal on the small-scale mezcaleros and their farmlands. These travels inspire his own approach to landscape architecture, which involves broadening notions of whom we design for and closely considering how design decisions are experienced by actual communities and individuals.

Estello received a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences with a Correlate in English (focusing on Race and Ethnic Studies) from Vassar College and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he was named the University Olmsted Scholar in 2018. He previously interned at Living Habitats in Chicago and LocalOffice in Brooklyn. He worked at MVVA from 2014 to 2016, and rejoined MVVA in 2019.

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