Alex Schiavoni
Senior Designer
Alex grew up in a military family, moving frequently around the East Coast before eventually settling in the small town of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. As a trail runner and hiker, she explored long stretches of the nearby Appalachian Trail and developed deep familiarity with the eastern forest. She often returned to her favorite trails to find a sense of continuity, an experience that informed her view of landscape architecture as creating places that draw people back and celebrate the patterns of the natural world. Later, living in various cities, she often sought out green spaces to feel grounded in a new place. While at medical school in Philadelphia, she became interested in the class-based disparity in access to safe outdoor space, and realized that this disparity was critically connected to community health. She left medical school to work in the field of environmental justice, which eventually led her to landscape architecture.

Alex received Bachelors of Science from Virginia Tech in Biology and Sociology, with a minor in Medicine in Society. She also received a Master of Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech's Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center. In 2017, she worked on the natural resource management staff for Huntley Meadows Park, the largest freshwater wetland in Northern Virginia, where she collected data on a wetland restoration project and explored the many elements of the park that function as both human and natural systems. She has also worked at Rhodeside & Harwell in Alexandria. In her spare time, she paints, mainly landscapes in oil, and does pencil botanical drawings. She also practices yoga and has taught hot yoga.

Alex interned at MVVA in 2017 and joined full-time in 2019.

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