Lara Prebble
Born and raised in the rural town of Marshfield, Wisconsin, Lara grew up playing in the woods and marsh near her house. Later on, she volunteered for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on projects such as protecting Blanding's turtles' nests, tracking porcupines to monitor their populations, and raising and releasing Galerucella beetles to control Purple Loosestrife.

Lara graduated from Wellesley College in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Italian Studies. At Wellesley, she received the Eliza Newkirk Rogers Prize in Architecture and the Elizabeth Robinson Prize in Italian Studies. She also interned at the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens, leading a student group, organizing events to promote the college's historic campus, and helping with greenhouse planting. In her free time, she enjoys playing classical and jazz viola.

Lara joined MVVA in 2019.

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