Sahar Farmand
Senior Designer
Originally from Tehran, Sahar's interest in landscape stems from her experience living in Iran, Albania, China, and the US. She was always fascinated by the landscapes and buildings in these different countries, notably Chehel sotoun, Eram Garden, and Shazdeh Garden in Iran and the gardens of Shenzhen in China, as well as her grandparents' fruit and flower garden in Mehr Shahr, Iran. An interest in counteracting severe water shortages in Iran deepened her belief in the importance of landscape architecture.

Sahar received a Bachelor of Architecture from the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Cornell. Before joining MVVA, she worked for Khaneh Sazi Investment Company and the China Architecture Design and Research Group, and was Archeological Imaging Intern for the excavation of Casa Della Regina Carolina in Pompeii. She is also a freelance interpreter among Persian, English, and Chinese. In her spare time, she paints, sketches, and makes sculptures addressing political and environmental crises. She is also an archer, cook, and passionate traveler.

Sahar joined MVVA in 2019.

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