Charlotte Chudy
Charlotte grew up on the East River in Brooklyn, where she was exposed to urban green spaces and watched the development of Brooklyn Bridge Park. She learned to appreciate the importance of natural resources through visits to her grandparents in Massachusetts, where locally grown ingredients defined her family's summer meals. Her academic exploration of the power of landscape began at Amherst College. There she assisted a professor with research on the role of French architecture and gardens in conveying the authority of the monarchy. While in college, she spent a semester in Valencia, Spain, where the Turia Gardens, a large central greenway created in the aftermath of a devastating flood, shaped her love for the city and deepened her understanding of the power of parks to ground urban experiences.

Charlotte graduated from Amherst in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and European Studies with a concentration in Art History; she was also captain of the Amherst Women's Swim team. Before joining MVVA, she worked as an editorial assistant at Aperture Foundation on a range of photography books, including artist monographs, thematic surveys and text-focused educational books. In her spare time, she likes to explore the culinary offerings of New York City, travel and, when the weather allows, surf.

Charlotte joined MVVA in 2019.

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