Virginia White
Born in China, Virginia grew up in Massachusetts. Her formal interest in landscape began when she chose to attend Wellesley College partly due to its beautiful campus. At Wellesley, she gave tours describing the interaction between campus sculptures and landscape, and learned about the ways in which landscapes reflect social and cultural attitudes. She traces her affinity for the field to a longtime love of gardening.

Virginia received a B.A. in Classical Civilization from Wellesley College in 2017. She practices fine art, particularly printmaking, which she studied at Wellesley. She has also designed and made costumes, and competed in MIT's Trashion Show for Sustainability, exploring fashion made of trash. Before joining MVVA, she worked at printing studios in Boston and New York and at Culture Cheese Magazine. In college, she participated in the Eastern Boeotia Archeology Project in Delisi, Greece.

Virginia joined MVVA in 2018.

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