Wilson Lee
Wilson's perception of urban landscapes was shaped by his childhood in Philadelphia, where he was able to contrast the results of successful city planning with what happens on the unplanned urban fringe. His designs are inspired by his travels throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe, and by his memories associated with specific locations—the experience of playing in playgrounds, or walking through forests. Wilson brings his strength in initial site research and the conceptual design process to his work at MVVA.

Wilson earned his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, with a minor in Architectural Studies, from Penn State University in 2016. As a student, he received the ASLA Honor Award for Outstanding Achievement, the Excellence in Landscape Architecture award, and was the finalist for the 2016 Knights City Challenge for the Urban Arboreta in Philadelphia, the winner of the 2014 Growing Green Competition, and received high honors and the People's Choice Award for the 2013 Slant Design Competition. Prior to starting at MVVA, Wilson interned at Mahan Rykiel Associates in Baltimore, and worked as a research assistant for Materials Reclamation at Penn State. His design work is featured in "Representing Landscapes: Hybrid" and "Representing Landscapes: Digital", two books by landscape architect Nadia Amoroso.

Wilson joined MVVA in 2016.

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