Andrew Boyd
Senior Project Manager
As a child, Andrew moved often – from Louisiana, to Colorado, to Texas, and to the Middle East – but he spent most of his youth in Connecticut, its intimate woodlands impressing upon him the value of immersive and personal experience in landscape. From these beginnings, he developed a strong understanding of New England ecology, with a particular interest in urban hydrology and the impact of water quality on the designed experience. Andrew's design methodology has also been influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement in its focus on public participation and performativity within the design process.

Andrew earned his Master in Landscape Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and his undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies from Columbia University. Prior to starting at MVVA in 2016, he worked in environmental and community planning for the Saw Mill River Restoration in Yonkers, NY, and conducted design-build projects for gardens in both New York and Japan. Andrew has exhibited his designs in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has had written work published in Soiled & Seeded magazine, Kerb Journal, and Arch Outloud.

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