Leo Miller
As the son of a landscape architect and an artist, Leo grew up surrounded by art and design. Frequent site visits with his father and participation in community landscape projects served as the catalyst for his pursuit of landscape architecture. Leo is from San Francisco, and having experienced the far-reaching effects of drought conditions firsthand, he is dedicated to approaching all design from an environmental perspective.

Prior to joining MVVA as a full-time employee in 2015, Leo was employed by Mary Miss Studio in New York City, where he contributed to projects aimed at connecting New York City residents with urban ecology through public art. He has worked as an intern for the MVVA Brooklyn office and for PWP Landscape Architecture in Berkeley, California.

Leo received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a concentration in sustainable design from The New School University, where he was the 2012 Tishman Environmental Merit Scholar. He earned a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard's Graduate School of Design, where he held three Teaching Assistant positions. Prior to his pursuit of landscape architecture, Leo was a musician and traveled the world as the lead vocalist for a successful death-metal band called Animosity.

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