Preston Linck
Since joining MVVA, Preston has worked on a variety of projects from conceptual design through construction, allowing him to explore his particular interest in stone and planting design. He has worked on projects including the Max Family Garden in Brooklyn, NY, several projects at Princeton University, the revitalization of Lathrop Homes in Chicago, IL and various residential paving designs on Martha's Vineyard. Additionally, Preston has served as the designer and project manager for Hazel Path at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA and the Cherry Street Lakefilling project in Toronto, Ontario. Preston is currently working on the Port Lands Flood Protection and Enabling Infrastructure project in Toronto, focusing on the river, planting and ecological design.

Before joining MVVA, Preston worked on a horse farm in his hometown, Group 4 Design in Jacksonville, FL, and at the Penn State Center for Pittsburgh, a non-profit design and research center. He earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Pennsylvania State University in 2013 and joined MVVA in 2015.

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