Waterloo Park

Waterloo Park

Waterloo Park in Austin, Texas is a critical component of the mile-and-a-half-long Waterloo Greenway, a chain of parks assembled from a complex collection of city-owned properties and easements across multiple jurisdictions. The design straddles the ambitious programmatic goals of an urban park system and the imperative to reimagine Waller Creek as an urban ecological corridor.

Flow Shaped The Land

Re-Shaping The Land

Placemaking—Eddys and Pools

The park confronts a unique web of permitting challenges, zoning priorities, community politics, and dynamic coordination criteria.

Waterloo Park’s material language and planting design engages the imagination of users and provides an immersive experience of nature while also improving water resources, building an urban tree canopy, and creating resilient niches for wildlife.

Waterloo Park establishes a unifying language for the rest of the greenway, deployable across the staggering variety of conditions found along the creek.