Lower Don Lands Framework Plan

Lower Don Lands Framework Plan

Completed in 2010, the Lower Don Lands Framework Plan is the basis for the development of 280 acres of Toronto’s post-industrial waterfront. Its size, scope, and complexity make it unique worldwide among a growing set of plans to reintegrate post-industrial landscapes with urban and natural systems. The Framework Plan for the Lower Don Lands positions a re-naturalized Don River as the organizing element for developing new urban neighborhoods along with a system of open spaces to protect against flooding, restore lost habitats, and provide needed recreational space. The Framework Plan is a document that integrates a number of different planning studies for the Lower Don Lands.

Reorganization of the Toronto Central Waterfront Secondary Plan elements within the Lower Don Lands.

Central Waterfront Secondary Plan

Lower Don Lands

Open the Port Lands with Transit

Create a Bicycle Nexus

Balance E-W and N-S Roadway Connections

Enable an Extensive Pedestrian Network

The new neighborhood precinct will offer countless opportunities for social interaction on broad tree-lined sidewalks and in a generous network of open spaces. The spaces lining the Channel will be punctuated by cafés, specialty markets, and spaces for performances and other events.

The plan will provide not only places to live, work, and recreate but also the facilities—schools, daycare, community centers, neighborhood shopping, and other amenities—that support everyday life. Sun-filled, wind-protected circulation networks will favor pedestrians and cyclists. By mandating that buildings meet strict environmental standards, the plan will cultivate a green, civic-minded architecture in keeping with the broad environmental and sustainability goals adopted by Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto.