Art Farm

Art Farm

MVVA has spent more than a decade collaborating with the owners of a 300-acre Dutchess County, New York property to develop a landscape that showcases a unique collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures, including works by Roxy Paine, Sol LeWitt, and Franz West. Maintaining the openness of the former agricultural site and its sweeping views was key when situating the Main House, Guest House, and Art Barn Gallery.

Early on, large trees from the center of the property were relocated to the edges to form a privacy screen along the road while opening up views through the interior. At the site entry, a sinuous drive follows a stream planted with colorful wetland flowers, then skirts along wooded ravines and around grassy hills to arrive at the Main House.

Entry Drive and Stream

West Meadow

A sugar bush of 100 maples and smaller groves of other species help orient visitors within the landscape. Site-specific sculptures by artists Jeppe Hein, Martin Boyce, and Monika Sosnowski are tucked within the woodlands while the house itself serves as a projection screen for a multifaceted video work by Doug Aitken.

Sculptures by Franz West

Main House and Pool Terrace with projection by Doug Aitken

MVVA laid out site circulation systems, designed the swimming pool and Main House terraces, and used planting and topography to choreograph the experience of meandering through rolling hills, hedgerows, a wooded stream, and wetlands. MVVA’s ongoing engagement in maintenance and management helps to knit new sculpture installations into the landscape and keep alive the agricultural feel of the field and hedgerow.

Sculpture by Jeppe Hein

Installation by Oscar Tuazon

The Guest House

Sculpture by Roxy Paine