Princeton, NJ (2005–2015)
Since its establishment in the eighteenth century, the Princeton University campus has expanded to the south, into the sloping woodland that runs toward Lake Carnegie. Through its work on the Princeton University Master Plan, MVVA has been involved in several landscape projects that establish new campus focal points at the southern periphery of the campus while also reinforcing the health and character of the woodland. These projects, many of which are associated with new campus architecture, include: the Arts and Transit District, Butler College, the Ellipse, the Neuroscience & Psychology Building, the Streicker Pedestrian Bridge, the Frick Chemistry Laboratory, and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.

MVVA's Princeton work comprises projects of a variety of typologies, at a variety of scales—from plazas to courtyards, from ceremonial walks to lushly vegetated woodland restoration. Taken as a whole, it represents a comprehensive consideration of the systems that make up a university campus landscape, including circulation, culture, ecology, hydrology, and history. The projects have occasioned collaborations with Pei Cobb Freed, Steven Holl Architects, Williams Tsien Architects, Beyer Blinder Belle, Hopkins Architects, and HNTB Engineering.

Princeton University Campus Plan
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