Denver, CO (2010–2015)
The winning entry in the ARC International Wildlife Crossing Infrastructure Design Competition, the bridge was built as a set of extended striations of various woodland ecologies. Rather than allowing the primarily visual, aesthetic drivers of landscape design determine form, the vaulted bridging system, developed with engineering firm HNTB, is driven by the demands of ecological engineering. The design condenses and amplifies multiple landscape bands (Forest, Meadow, Shrub, Scree) into habitat corridors that provide connections for a larger cross-section of species, rather than attempting to merely replicate the plant life immediately adjacent to the bridge.

The structure itself is a modular and cost-effective system of hyperbolic parabaloid forms that allows for minimal site disturbance and easy creation, assembly, and deployment, and can be expanded or adapted as migration pressures dictate. By combining a flexible structural solution with an adaptable approach to broad landscape management, the bridging system offers a new hybrid vision for addressing habitat fragmentation.

For more information, please visit: ARC Wildlife Crossing Structures

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