Toronto, ON, Canada (2007–2010)
The Keating Channel Precinct will be the first neighborhood of Toronto's Lower Don Lands, and will become a viable development through an integrated effort to flood protect a large portion of the city paired with reworking existing city infrastructure to accommodate the new vision of mixed-use communities. The Precinct will build on the legacy and amenity of the Keating Channel and stitch together the city fabric around the northeast corner of the Toronto Inner Harbor. As a gateway to a revitalized Port Lands, it will provide new and improved connections to the existing communities to the north and east and the emerging communities of East Bayfront and the West Don Lands. The Precinct will contain a bold and harmonious mix of city amenities, new and improved infrastructure, and parks and open spaces serving a diverse population of residents, workers, and visitors.

The organization of the Lower Don Lands plan, and within it the Keating Channel Precinct, starts with the realignment of the Don River and the preservation of the Keating Channel. These two entities form the basic public realm armature around which the plan is structured. The plan mandates a green approach to design, developing sustainable methods of flood protection, soil remediation, stormwater management, and energy systems. In addition, the built form concepts for the Keating Channel Precinct emphasize the social life of the Precinct, prioritizing diversity, comfort, and accessibility. Attention to both the physical and programmatic organization of the Precinct is essential to the creation of a multi-faceted community at the cutting edge of environmental design.

Waterfront Toronto
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