Cambridge, MA + Martha's Vineyard, MA (1988–1990)
Radcliffe Ice Walls
Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1988

Following a National Endowments for the Arts grant to Michael Van Valkenburgh to study the ecology and experience of ice formation, the Harvard-Radcliffe Office for the Arts commissioned a temporary installation of ice walls in Radcliffe Yard. The design consisted of three curved walls, each measuring fifty feet long and seven feet high, constructed of a fine galvanized metal mesh with a thin irrigation pipe running along the top. Water emitted from the irrigation system froze into thin transparent walls of ice. The ice walls were presented in the MoMA exhibition, "Light Construction," curated by Terrence Riley, September 1995 to January 1996.

Krakow Ice Garden
Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts 1990

This private residential garden celebrates the changing seasons as experienced on the coast of Massachusetts. Semi-transparent and translucent qualities of leafy vines and frozen water fill the framework of the curved mesh screen at different seasons of the year. Beginning in spring, the bloom of purple clematis bloom on the 38-foot diameter circle of steel mesh is followed by blue morning glory in summer, and the red of Boston ivy in autumn. In the winter, a drip irrigation system feeds formation of ice on the scrim. The interior of the circle features raised French planting beds.
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