New York, NY (2008–2012)
Hudson Yards will be an 11 acre public landscape in New York City built into a residential and commercial development of 30 acres that is constructed over the top of existing and highly active rail yards. Within an emerging network of open spaces on Manhattan's West Side, Hudson Yards will create important landscape connections between Hudson River Park, the High Line, and Hudson Park and Boulevard, which is also currently under development.

On the west side of 11th Avenue, the proposed development is primarily residential. The design responds to this by generating a number of local-use elements including two playgrounds and spacious sloped lawns. Built on top of a level structure, the design introduces a landscape-driven site topography that creates spatial variety while also providing dramatic views out to the Hudson River from deep within the park. An additional benefit is the ability to include an intermediate layer of parking between the rail yards and the park structure. The park engages the High Line and slopes down underneath it to provide access across the street to Hudson River Park.

On the east side of 11th Avenue, the development is primarily commercial. Associated with this, the design provides a series of large theatrical gathering spots that feature highly expressive fountains, including one staircase fountain leading from an elevated plaza to 11th avenue. A parterre maze garden, which connects to the new Hudson Park and Boulevard project to the north (also designed by MVVA), is positioned to provide a highly visible landscape spectacle. Two 60-foot cylindrical structures provide necessary ventilation for the railyards below while also creating an armature for stepped landmark towers that will be planted with seasonally blooming and evergreen vines.
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