Boston, MA (2000–2003)
The Fan Pier project is a 20-acre mixed residential and commercial development on the Boston harbor. The public open space is comprised of three main components, including the 2,200-square-foot Fan Pier Park, a new Public Green, and an existing cove that will become a transportation hub. MVVA collaborated with Greenberg Consultants and CBT Architects to develop the master plan for the site.

Fan Pier Park includes a tidal pool, café, promenade, and docking facilities as well as street tree plantings, an urban plaza, and an outdoor skating rink. The landscape design is composed to provide the visitor with a variety of experiences at the waterfront by implementing different edge treatments inspired by the typical waterfronts of New England, both industrial and natural. In some areas MVVA removed sections of the existing seawall to create rocky tidal pools, with islands and promontories reminiscent of the local seashore. In other sections floating boardwalks connect the land to the water level, and generously scaled granite stairs and ramps create access ways and seating areas along the water's edge. Other program elements that enhance the richness of the site include the Institute of Contemporary Art; Discovery Cove (managed by the Children's Museum); the Harbor Island/Children's Aquarium; and Lookout Point, which will provide a large urban terrace and lawn with excellent views out to the harbor and back toward the Boston skyline.
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