Cambridge, MA (2006–2009)
The civic block that includes the Cambridge Public Library site, Joan Lorentz Park, and the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School landscape, is a cherished open space that inspires a strong sense of ownership and affection in the mid-Cambridge community. In an urban neighborhood with minimal open space, the Library site provides a respite from the relatively dense building surrounding it. A wide range of users include high school students, young professionals, elderly residents, families with young children, and the homeless. The character of the spaces that comprise the site vary, too: from the openness of Joan Lorentz Park to the shady intimate space of Library Park, from the noise and activity of the Tot Lot to the more formally organized sunken amphitheater, and from the quiet of individuals reading on benches to the energy of high-school students near the school. The site provides a variety of different experiences and opportunities for visitors. The expansion of the project has been of tremendous benefit to the City, providing an opportunity to reconceptualize the civic block for Cambridge.
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