Dallas, TX (1998–2004)
The Hoffman Garden, begun in 1998, is just one of many collaborations between MVVA and a visual artist. The landscape, adjacent to a museum housing one of the finest private collections of contemporary abstract art in the country, involved the creation of a garden and major new work by the artist Sol Lewitt. MVVA worked closely with Lewitt throughout the design process, enjoying a process of open discussion and collaboration and ultimately producing an integrated landscape vision. The sinuous brick wall conceived by Lewitt and woven into a grove of mature red oak and pecan trees was carefully detailed by MVVA to avoid the trees roots and to ensure their stately canopies continue to shade the garden from the intense Texas sun.

On the ground defined by patterns of light and shade cast by the canopy trees, MVVA planted gestural sweeps of mixed native shrubs and bold splashes of perennial color reflecting the curves of the wall. The garden is united by angled stone paths coursing through the plantings and central lawn, and connecting the gallery, house, and wall.

The Hoffman Garden illustrates the spectacular results that can be achieved when artist and landscape architect collaborate on shared spaces. MVVA has worked successfully with many contemporary artists, and the integrated art landscapes that these visions produce are invariably much more than the sum of their parts.
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