Cambridge, MA (1994–1995)
The Woo garden is a small garden for a modern house designed by the architect Kyu Sung Woo. It registers the changing seasons, accommodates small gatherings, and embraces difficult grading issues as the generator of the design. The garden consists of an arching bluestone path that connects an entry terrace with an intimately scaled rear terrace, while passing through and past clumps of river birch, amelanchier, witch hazel, and Korean and native New England azaleas. Inspired by several old neighborhood sidewalks that have buckled due to frost heaves, the bluestone terraces and walk are laid out irregularly, complementing the orthogonal precision of the house. A new chain-link fence marks the edge of the garden, creating a sense of enclosure and extending the materiality and geometry of the house. The terrace to the rear is enclosed by an earthen bowl, carved out to allow access to the lower level entrance.
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