University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA (1997–2002)
In association with Herbert Lewis Kruse Blunck Architecture (HLKB), MVVA coupled a master planning effort with the design of a bioengineered stormwater management system including a pond, wetland, settling basins, water infiltration marshes, and a stream. The 50-acre parcel was to be developed around an athletic and visitor's center, 380 parking spaces, a NCAA soccer field, and twelve competition tennis courts.

The sitework required an Army Corps of Engineers permit due to the amount of existing wetlands being manipulated onsite and to ensure the protection of the existing wetlands north of the project. Major earthwork (over 30 feet of cut in some places) sculpted the land that would hold, purify, and transport the surface water needed to satisfy the program, design intent, and permit. The site development provided unique opportunities for dealing with surface water runoff and improving the quality of water onsite, treating off-site water, and protecting existing wetlands bordering the Athletic Center site. This was achieved by combining the creative and crafted measures of ecological engineering with landscape design.
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