Cambridge, MA (2003–2006)
Kendall Square is a 10-acre mixed-use, phased development with residences, offices, labs, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and urban plazas built on a post-industrial, brownfield site adjacent to the Broad Canal. Strategically constructed during the first phase of development, the North Plaza has become the central social space for the surrounding East Cambridge community and the residents and employees of the adjacent buildings alike.

To create a vibrant, urbane place active in all seasons, the design is inherently flexible. At its center is an open plaza with a granular, decomposed granite surface that supports many activities. Live concerts, green markets, and neighborhood festivals occur throughout the summer months. Movable café tables and chairs allow users the choice to be in the middle of it all or to people-watch along the periphery. During the winter, the plaza transforms into a highly-popular community ice-skating rink.

Smaller scale elements offer a range of landscape experiences and break down the large scale of the plaza. Multi-stem Honey Locust groves offer dappled sunlight along the plaza edges. Flowering Amelanchier trees float above the sloped grass amphitheater with a fountain jet at its center for water play during the summer and ice sculptures in the winter.
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