Brooklyn, NY (2017–2021)
Shirley Chisholm State Park is a 407-acre landscape that sits on the north edge of Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn. The park responds to decades of local demand for reconnecting the water to East New York, a community that had been visually and physically separated from the bay by active landfills over the last 70 years. Built atop two of these former landfills—the Pennsylvania Avenue and Fountain Avenue Landfills—this landscape is now the largest State Park in New York City as part of the Gateway National Recreation Area. The park contains 130 feet of elevation change, welcoming entrances, shaded waterside piers, a hilltop “sky bowl,” creek side patios, and hundreds of acres of restored meadow landscapes.

MVVA helped create a master plan for the park that, through discrete interventions, builds upon the many assets of the park, including restored vegetation, path systems, and views, finally opening these acres of park land to the surrounding communities. Phase 1 opened to the public in the summer of 2019 and provides multiple entry landscapes, a series of interventions for access to the water’s edge, and a connection between the two landfill sites. MVVA introduced a diverse array of native meadows and planted various woody tree and shrub species to provide a richer experience of local flora. Families, fishermen, bikers, and birders have flocked to the recently completed Phase 1, with its meandering gravel trails, views of New York City, and a pier that provides the ideal setting to cast a line into the scenic Jamaica Bay.

Phase 2 comprises various destination landscapes in the interior as well as at the water’s edge, the completion of the formal entrance to the Fountain Avenue site, and a center for maintenance and operations that is scheduled for completion in 2021.
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