Boston, MA (2015)
To help the city of Boston reimagine its relationship to its waterfront, Pilot House, a prominent philanthropic organization, commissioned MVVA to develop a Vision for the Boston Waterfront. Responding to the threats posed by climate change and to the current fragmentation and homogeneity of the waterfront's built environment, the Vision seeks ways to establish a richer, more varied public realm that connects neighborhoods, expands public use and access, and strengthens the city's flood resilience.

MVVA's multidisciplinary urban design team—which included HR&A Advisors (economic strategy), Greenberg Consultants (city planning), Limnotech (hydrology), and Henry Bardsley (infrastructure)—looked for strategies to improve the quality of design and experience along the entire waterfront. Building on Boston's unique park-making legacy, MVVA developed a speculative open space framework for Boston's harbor, rivers, and islands which leverages the role that the waterfront landscape can play in protecting the city from rising sea level and more frequent and intense storm events. Balancing imaginative design concepts with practical solutions and ideas for implementation, the Vision works to assist the city in its ongoing efforts to improve the quality of life for all Bostonians.

Drawing on some of the design principles generated through A Vision for the Boston Waterfront project, MVVA is now working on waterfront planning efforts with the city as part of the comprehensive Imagine Boston 2030 planning initiative, led by HR&A Advisors.
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