Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA (2013–2014)
The Harvard Law School Crossroads project creates a new gathering place at the heart of the Law School campus, a welcoming front entry from Massachusetts Avenue, and landscape connections within the law school and to the larger campus through Holmes Field. Undertaken in coordination with architectural improvements, the new central plaza will be defined by curved planting areas that direct circulation through the space while also creating an open center that will invite social uses.

A robust planting program in the plaza includes gingko, katsura, and evergreen trees, creating an evolving display of form and color throughout multiple seasons of the year, but with particular drama in the spring and fall. The subtle differentiations in color in the pattern of the unit pavers contributes to an elegant texturing of the space, while the inclusion of both fixed and moveable seating provides plaza users with a range of comfortable choices.

The project is in full compliance with Harvard's Sustainability Program and features an irrigation system that works in conjunction with effective plant selection, layout, and soil science, to conserve potable water while also sustaining landscape vitality. Stormwater is collected and detained in underground tanks where it gradually infiltrates into the ground.
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