Miami Beach, FL (2013–2014)
As part of the competition-winning South Beach ACE team, MVVA has proposed a convention center landscape defined by the site's three main proposed uses—civic, cultural,and recreational. Within these broad divisions, a finer-grained network of landscapes activate and connect the site from edge to edge, as well as out into the surrounding neighborhoods. The primary driver of the landscape design is the creation of convenient and enticing routes of pedestrian circulation—the proposal aims to give pedestrians both ways and reasons to enter and traverse the 52-acre site. The design puts equal emphasis on pedestrian traffic to and from the convention center, hotel, and cultural amenities, and on neighborhood-oriented diagonal circulation, from Palm View to the Lincoln Road Mall and to Collins Park.

The proposal creates distinctive and appropriate landscape settings for each of the three primary programmatic areas of the site. The landscape is thus closely coordinated with the architectural elements of the proposal: the civic band will be dignified, the cultural zone will include space for public art and outdoor performances, and the recreation areas will be situated on a dramatic hill covering the convention center's parking garage. This strategy also serves as a wayfinding tool—visitors will be able to use landscape cues to navigate the site. Within these three broad programmatic areas, the landscape is designed to accommodate a wide array of activities and uses, and to serve a diverse constituency of locals and visitors. This involves providing purpose-oriented amenities such as sports courts, playgrounds, and dog runs, as well as a variety of multipurpose spaces, including broad open lawns and smaller-scale outdoor "rooms."
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