Many of our most transformative collaborations operate at the scale of infrastructure. Our intense curiosity about how things work drives our investigations into the systems that support, sustain, and connect the built environment. Our interdisciplinary expertise enables us to lead landscape projects shaped by other urban systems, including transportation, hydrology, marine edges, soil remediation, geotechnical engineering, and real estate. 

The design team explores more than 10 kilometers of the Don River and adjacent systems before reconfiguring its connection to Toronto’s Inner Harbour and establishing riparian habitat.

Quick study models suggest ways to occupy and access a stabilized riverine edge.

An MVVA study model establishes the guiding vision for a new pedestrian bridge on the Arkansas Riverfront in Tulsa.

An expanded watershed and highly engineered but renaturalized pond remove more than 20 million gallons of stormwater discharge from an overburdened city sewer in Brooklyn annually.

A pedestrian bridge addresses social inequities and restores opportunities for access to the Chicago Riverfront.