Lin Ye
Senior Designer
Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Lin’s earliest memories of nature were through the lens of a hyper-urban setting. She experienced the importance of parks, plazas, and community gardens in a dense city like Shanghai, where recent and rapid urbanization had produced dramatic changes in the city’s physical form and its residents’ lifestyles. More recently, Lin’s travels have given her further inspiration and served as sources for borrowed ideas. In 2013, she explored Athens and its multi-layered historical landscape where the preserved network of palimpsests from ancient civilizations, beautifully overlaid upon the natural topography, have come to function as a large park and outdoor museum. She found these historically complex sites fascinating in relation to the city's evolving modern urban fabric, and observed the landscape's power in shaping urban cultural memory.

Lin earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where the unfamiliar rural setting allowed her to study large natural spaces in person and at scale, through scientific methodology. Her childhood understanding of nature as an entity was transformed through the study of the history and scientific innovation of ecological, productive, and recreational landscape design. This time spent in the rural Midwestern spaces helped her see landscape architecture as a field where science and arts come together in practice, and where the design of space is based on an understanding of both physical facts and poetics. Aiming to better understand landscape architecture's role in urbanization and how it can augment nature’s power to transform complex urban sites in the context of their history, Lin later went on to attend the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she received a Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design (MLAUD). Prior to joining MVVA, Lin worked for Sasaki Associates in Watertown, MA, and has spent summers as an intern at Aspect Studios and Earthasia Design Group, both based on Shanghai. In her spare time, Lin enjoys free-hand illustration, sketching, and occasional acrylic painting.

Lin joined MVVA in 2017.

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