Lin Ye
Senior Designer
Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Lin’s earliest memories of nature consist of spending time in parks, plazas, and community gardens where she learnt the importance of green spaces in shaping a city and its people. She enjoys wandering and getting lost in cities and exploring complex urban sites to understand their relationship with landscape, the urban fabric, and the creation of experiences and memories. Lin is currently co-leading the design of parks and public realm scope for the Port Lands Flood Protection Enabling Infrastructure.

Lin earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she focused her studies on the history, ecology and function of landscape. To better understand landscape architecture's role in urbanization, and to investigate its importance as a socio-economic driver and critical part of urban systems, Lin later attended Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she received a Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design. Before joining MVVA, Lin worked for Sasaki Associates in Watertown, MA, mostly contributing to international urban design projects and public/institutional landscape design and planning, with a focus on campus landscapes and urban waterfronts. As an undergraduate, she also spent summers as an intern at Aspect Studios and Earthasia Design Group in Shanghai, working on residential and commercial landscape projects. In her free time, Lin enjoys art, food, traveling and exploring global culture.
Lin joined MVVA in 2017.

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