Abby Cosinuke
Abby grew up in Belmont, Massachusetts and spent much of her free time exploring Harvard Square, adding to a personal catalog of meaningful places ranging from secret parks to bubble tea shops. From an early age, she has been influenced by her grandmother, a Master Gardener who played a large role in the design of Abby’s childhood home and garden and emphasized the importance of integrating the indoors and outdoors. She also draws inspiration from the wide open and wild landscapes she encountered during her family’s frequent roadtrips through the Southwest, as well as the thoughtful urban design she saw in rural towns and sprawling cities alike during her time studying in Japan.

Abby graduated from Colorado College with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. She is a dancer and a sculptor, primarily working in wood, steel, and fiber. Prior to MVVA, she worked for the Visual Arts Department at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Abby joined MVVA in 2017.

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