Jane Lee
Jane is from the California Bay Area, where a growing emphasis on water conservation has instilled in her the importance of designing landscapes that not only address human requirements for a site, but that also positively impact the environmental context. Her background in ceramics has informed how she thinks about landscape architecture for the way it requires a balanced consideration of aesthetic form and practical function. Her interest in the design of landscapes was deepened through various classes at the New England Wild Flower Society, where she learned about plants native to the Northeast and the roles they play in regional ecosystems, as well as through her travels across the US, which motivated her to learn more about the reciprocal relationship between place-making and identity formation.

Jane graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Harvard College in 2012. Prior to starting at MVVA, Jane interned at the Good Food Awards in San Francisco, a nonprofit promoting producers of sustainably made American artisanal foods, worked as a shop assistant at Independent Nature Nursery in San Francisco, and was the executive assistant to the CEO of Schernecker Property Services in Waltham, MA. She attended the Harvard Graduate School of Design Career Discovery program in landscape architecture.

Jane joined MVVA in 2016.

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